Checkout: my new project

Checkout-the-app Smartphones have, in many ways, improved our lives. They have made it easier for us to connect with other people. They provide information at our fingertips, or guide us through unknown territory. Smartphones enable us to capture precious moments and store or share them with friends and family. And they are here to stay. Smartphones have become a part of our lives that nobody is willing to live without. And they should not. However. Smartphones are also a drug. We have become addicted to the instant gratification of the likes of our content. e can no longer handle moments of inactivity or boredom without the triggers from our newsfeed or apps. As a result, our life passes us by as we are glued to our screens.

We could have been paying attention to our children playing. We could have had a meaningful conversation with our partner or friends in restaurants, bars, on the sofa and in bed. We could have been more effective during meetings. We should have paid attention whilst driving or walking.

We need to stop interrupting meaningful moments. We should stop behaving like an ass. Check in to life and check out of your smartphone occasionally. Learn to use it responsibly.